Our lettuce is planted in styrofoam cups. I cut 8 slots in bottom of all cups and fill with coco coir. I sprinkle my lettuce seed in each cup and cover with a little more coco coir. Water contains nutrients mixed in according to a specific formula . Picture taken 5/07/2010.



I planted these tomato seeds in these buckets on 10/28/09. In December they came up and made small plants then pretty much went dormant. Every time we had a freeze I carried them in the garage. Then, in March they started growing like crazy! Those tomatoes you see turning red look like apples up close. 5/14/2010

Welcome to Tom's Hydroponic Garden

Tom's Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

In my hydroponic vegetable garden it's up to me to have the right nutrient solution in each plant so they get fed the right amounts of nutrients at the right time in their growth cycle since there is no soil for them to draw from. 5/07/2010

Ebb and Flow System, Home-Built

Ebb & Flow Sys- Home-Built

I have cilantro, parsley and basil growing in the center tray. Romaine lettuce is in RH tray. I've Harvested romaine I had in LH tray. I have new seed planted. The tubs on this table flood with nutrient solution 7 times a day, each time, filling then draining in a 14 minute cycle. 5/07/2010



I've had good experiences growing hydroponic cucumbers. The plants grow fast and produce plenty of burpless cucumbers. 5/07/20

More Tomatoes

more tomatoes

More of the tomatoes planted in October.

Garden Watch Dog

garden watch dog

The family dog is always on lizard patrol.


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